Ear Injury 

Ear injuries are mainly due to a blow to the ear or head, or sudden extreme pressure changes.  A blow to the auricle may cause a painful collection of blood under the skin (haematoma).  Sudden pressure changes in the ear canal from a blow over the ear or poor syringing technique may rupture the ear drum and disrupt the ossicles.  Landing in an aeroplane with Eustachian tube dysfunction and a middle ear effusion may cause severe pain and damage the ear drum.  Blowing the nose hard or straining may raise the inner ear pressure and lead to the rupture of delicate membranes causing a perilymph fistula.  A head injury with or without a skull fracture may also damage the middle and inner ear structures.


Pure tone audiometry, tympanometry and stapedial reflex are the basic tests required to identify the presence and type of any associated hearing loss. Additional specialised tests may also be necessary.