Blocked Nose (Snoring) 

Nasal blockage is due to a physical obstruction in the nasal airway. It may be caused by a deviated septum, grape-like tissue growing from the sinuses (polyps), a foreign body or rhinitis, when there is congestion of the lining mucosa. Large adenoids, specific tissue at the back of the nose which produces antibodies, is a common cause in young children. Tumours are also a possible but fortunately very rare cause. Frequent sniffing or forceful intake of nasal air in a person with nasal blockage or congestion over a long time can weaken the alar valves, resulting in collapse on inspiration and additional blockage. Nasal blockage may cause turbulent nasal airflow particularly at night with snoring. If severe it may result in mouth breathing and dryness.


Nasal Rigid / Flexible Endoscopy for a detailed assessment of the inside of the nose. Skin Prick Allergy Test and RAST Allergy Test if possible rhinitis symptoms are present.