Aspiration (Laryngeal Incompetence) 

Aspiration occurs when the normal protective reflexes of the larynx are defective (Laryngeal incompetence). It is often associated with hoarseness and cricopharyngeal malfunction with swallowing problems. As a result ingested food and liquids “go down the wrong way”,  passing through the vocal cords into the trachea and lower airway with a real risk of pneumonia. Patients may cough and splutter due to the protective cough reflex, but some patients with neurological swallowing disorders have lost sensation to these areas. Chronic aspiration may therefore cause few if any symptoms until a secondary chest infection occurs.


Rigid and Flexible endoscopy for a detailed assessment of the inside of the throat.


Computerised voice analysis

Flow volume loop spirometry

Laryngeal EMG (Electromyography)

CT / MRI imaging