The Harley Street ENT Clinic is a place where you can feel comfortable discussing your health and confident in entrusting us with sensitive information. All of the staff who you meet at the ENT clinic in London will treat you and your personal data with the utmost discretion and respect at all times. We respect your right to privacy and take our duty to protect your personal information seriously.

Protecting Your Data

All patient data is handled in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, which directs on the access, processing, storage and care of personal information. It will cover your medical information, contact details and any other private information that we ask you to provide. All of your personal information will be securely stored and kept private at all times. We take all of the necessary measures to protect your information against accidental release and we restrict access to the staff who are taking care of you. Your personal and medical information will always be safe in our hands.

Access to Your Medical Records

In order to provide the best level of care, it is important for our staff to be able to check your medical history and access up to date medical records when you visit the clinic in London. Your ENT doctor and other medical and support staff will be able to access your records when necessary, but your privacy will be respected at all times. Other specialists or public health officials may need access to your medical data in some cases. You also have the right to see your own medical records on request, but we will not share them with anyone else without your consent. We will never disclose any sensitive information to friends or family members, unless you have given permission or asked them to attend the consultation with you. It is up to you how much information you want to share about your health with your friends and family.

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Sharing Your Medical Data

You may decide to share your medical data from the ENT clinic in London with your GP and any other medical professionals you see, including any specialists to whom you have been referred. It can be a good idea to allow us to share your records with other care providers so that they will have access to all of the relevant information about your health. It can prevent you from undergoing the same tests twice and reduce the risk of issues such as negative interactions between medications prescribed by different doctors. The more information that your doctors have about your health, the better able they will be to understand your condition and provide the best treatment. However, it is your decision whether you want this information to be shared. We will only communicate with your GP or others if you give permission. If you decide that you want us to share medical information with other care providers, we will do so in a secure manner that keeps your personal data as safe as possible.

Medical records contain some of your most sensitive personal data so it is essential that they are handled carefully at all times. We understand how important it is to keep this information safe, but we also know that your doctors and other clinic staff must be able to access it when necessary. We will ensure that your ENT specialist always has the most up to date information about your health and that this sensitive information is kept private and secure. You can rely on us to take good care of your personal data and to manage your medical records properly.