CT Scan


Computed tomography (CT) is a medical imaging method using X-ray tomography created by computer processing. It provides important diagnostic information in various anatomical planes. Conventional sinus X-rays are not really helpful, as various anatomical structures superimposed on one another prevents proper assessment of the ethmoid sinuses and ostiomeatal complex regions.

The main advantage of CT over MRI scanning is that it demonstrates bone as well as soft tissue features, and is therefore the radiological assessment of choice in patients with sinus problems


The scanning techniques involves lying still with the head in a medical “hair-dryer” open capsule for approximately 20 minutes. It is a completely painless procedure.

Self-pay and insured patients are welcome

The Harley Street ENT Clinic has agreed contractual rates with most health insurance companies such as United Healthcare Global, Aviva, Allianz Worldwide Care, Bupa, CIGNA, Simplyhealth, Standard Life (PruHealth), Aetna International and WPA amongst others.

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Patients funding their own treatment will be provided with consultation fees and the potential cost of onward treatment at the time of booking their appointment.