Mr Gary Wood

Gary Wood is a leading UK Clinician working with Adult and Paediatric Professional and Non-Professional Voice disorders. As a registered Speech and Language Therapist, he has a wealth of experience working with the voice and when it goes wrong. He uses his experience and knowledge to facilitate voice repair and recovery.

Gary has had training in many of the conventional system based treatments, e.g. Estell, Voicecraft, Laryngeal manual therapy, Manual Circumlaryngeal therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnosis. Using a breadth of techniques and approaches including various vocal exercises, advice, modification techniques and counselling he can target the patients/clients voice issues without the constraints of using one particular system.

Qualifying at Central School of Speech and Drama as a Speech and Language Therapist on the 4th July 1994, he started at the only UK ENT Hospital, The Royal National Throat Nose and Ear hospital on Gray’s Inn Road London on the very next day. He worked full time as a Principal Speech and Language Therapist for 25 years seeing its closure on 4th October 2019. He continues to work Full time on the NHS at the new Royal National Ear, Nose and Throat and Eastman’s Hospital in Huntley Street London (UCLH).

He has been involved in teaching for many years on graduate and postgraduate courses as well as setting up specialist courses in Nasendoscopy, Head and Neck Cancer including Voice Restoration, ENT Swallowing assessments (Fibre endoscopic evaluation of swallowing) and Voice therapy techniques courses. He runs specialist Speech Therapy led Voice clinics weekly as well as supporting ENT consultant-led Voice and Laryngology clinics. He has been working full time in the fields of Voice Disorders, airway, ENT oncology (cancer) and ENT swallowing/dysphagia since 1994 and has a great deal of experience across the speciality of ENT. He has specialised further in the field of voice: with interests in singer’s rehabilitation, endoscopy procedures, hypermobility disorders, transgender voice and endocrine voice disorders, airway disorders and acoustic assessment. Gary has been a honorary lecturer at UCL and has trained many students and therapists in the clinical use of acoustic assessments and endoscopy equipment. He has also been involved in several research publications in both applications of acoustic equipment as well as assisting in designing and validating new imaging systems.