Posturography (Sensory Organisation Test)


Maintaining balance depends on a number of different factors apart from the vestibular system. Visual cues and the information obtained from pressure receptors in our muscles, joints and soles of our feet provide important information for the balance “computer” in the brain. Posturography gives a measure of your overall balance, and helps to separate out and assess the functioning of these various additional input systems.


You will be required to wear a harness for safety and to stand on a platform without shoes and with your hands at your sides. The platform has pressure sensors which enable the centre of gravity of your body to be accurately measured and recorded on a computer. Different things will happen at different stages of the test, such as slight movement of the platform or the surrounding screen, which could affect your balance and cause you to sway. but the Vestibular Scientist will warn you in advance and tell you exactly what to do. Any sway movements from your normal centre of gravity are recorded for subsequent analysis. This test may take up to 30 minutes depending on the results.

Figure Information: Posturography is helpful in monitoring improvement with treatment and can assist balance re-education by giving the subject instant visual bio-feedback.

X-axis: Conditions 1-6 are increasingly difficult balance challenges

Y-axis: Coloured bars show percentage score for 3 attempts at each condition

Subjects must achieve the percentage height of the grey box to pass the assessment.

Green bars: Normal

Red bars: Abnormal

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