Flexible Nasal Endoscopy


Flexible nasal endoscopy is an examination of the nasal air passages, the space behind the nose and the throat using a small telescope. This test can identify the cause of voice problems, swallowing problems, reflux changes, and Eustachian tube problems. It may also be used for neck lumps to check for tumours in the throat and for thyroid problems to examine vocal cord movement.


The doctor may or may not use a local anaesthetic which is sprayed in the nose. This makes the nose and the back of the throat numb. The telescope is then placed into the nose and then passed into the back of the throat. Most people do not experience discomfort from the procedure.

If a local anaesthetic is used, the numbness will wear off after 30 minutes or so. Please note that you should not eat or drink for at least 30 minutes, and you should not consume anything hot for at least one hour.

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