How to Cure Chronic Sinusitis and Sinus Headaches Permanently?

Chronic sinusitis and sinus headaches can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing. It can be difficult to get on with your usual routine when you’re in pain or suffering from serious congestion. You can also feel very upset and hopeless when it seems that the problem keeps coming back. What can you … Read More

What Are the Dangers of Nose Scabs?

Scabs are a normal part of the healing process, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t cause any problems. Could scabs in your nose be a sign of something serious and when should you see a doctor about them?

How to Choose the Best Hearing Aids?

The best hearing aids for you will depend on many different factors, so it’s important to get expert advice on which model is the right fit for you. You should learn about the many different options that are available and consider which hearing aids will be the best match for your needs.

What Causes Ear, Nose and Throat Infections?

Ear, nose and throat infections are very common. The symptoms are usually relatively mild, but infections can sometimes cause problems that need to be treated by an ENT specialist. What can cause an infection in your ears, nose or throat, and when should you visit an ENT clinic for advice?

7 Easy Snoring Remedies! How to Stop Snoring

Snoring is very common, affecting approximately 15 million people in the UK. It can sometimes seem impossible to stop yourself (or your partner) from snoring, but there are actually some very easy remedies that might work for you. Many of the most common causes of snoring can be addressed just by making simple changes to … Read More

How Vertigo Can Be Cured?

Living with vertigo can be incredibly difficult. As well as making you feel dizzy and uncomfortable, it can also get in the way of everyday activities and prevent you from driving. It can also be very hard to convince other people to take your symptoms seriously, as vertigo and dizziness can seem like minor problems … Read More

Preparing for Air Travel with a Hearing or Balance Disorder

Most people who have balance disorders such as Meniere’s disease or an ear disorder such as tinnitus will be able to travel by air without any problems. However, some aspects of flying can cause problems for some people.

Do You Have a Middle Ear Infection?

Middle ear infections are a very common problem, especially for your children. However, it can sometimes take some specialist tests to understand what is wrong or to decide on the best treatment approach for you.

What Can Cause Inner Ear Problems?

Balance disorders are often linked to inner ear problems, since this is where the tiny organs that are responsible for our sense of balance are located. Although balance disorders come in several different forms, they often cause similar symptoms and there are a few common causes that are responsible for most cases.

Watch Out For Hay Fever This Summer

Hay fever can strike at any time when plants are flowering, but it tends to be at its worst in June and July. Pollen allergies are responsible for lots of visits to the Harley Street ENT clinic for runny noses, allergies and sinus problems at this time of year.