What Can Cause a Loss of Taste?

Changes in your sense of taste aren’t usually anything to worry about as the most common cause is a cold or mild infection. The problem will usually go away by itself within days. However, if the problem is more persistent it is important to seek medical advice to find out what is causing your sense … Read More

Can Breathing Exercises Help with Nose Blocks?

Blocked noses are a common symptom of colds, allergies and other respiratory conditions. The problem will usually clear up by itself, but if you’re bothered by a blocked nose then there are some breathing exercises and other remedies that might help. You should also discuss the problem with a doctor if it doesn’t clear up … Read More

How to Deal with Constant Ringing in Your Ears?

Most people will experience ringing in their ears occasionally, but sometimes it can be a longer-lasting problem that can have a dramatic impact on our daily lives and well-being. Sometimes treatment can help to eliminate tinnitus. However, in other cases it is necessary to find ways to manage your condition if it isn’t possible to … Read More


Why Women Are More Prone to Thyroid Problems?

Thyroid diseases can affect anyone, but some of us are more likely to be affected than others. Women are at higher risk of thyroid problems than men and conditions affecting the thyroid gland can affect women in different ways too. It’s important for women to be aware of the signs of thyroid problems and to … Read More

Nasal Turbinates - Why Can I Not Smell Anything?

Why Can I Not Smell Anything?

Losing your sense of smell can have an unexpectedly big impact on your quality of life. You might not realise how important this sense is until something happens to it. If you’ve noticed changes in your sense of smell then there are many possible reasons. Although the problem will often be temporary and anosmia isn’t … Read More

How to Manage Your Balance Disorder?

How to Manage Your Balance Disorder?

Balance disorders can have a huge impact on your daily life and wellbeing so it is essential to find effective ways of managing your condition. With the support of your ENT specialist it is often possible to prevent your symptoms from coming back or to find ways of relieving them when they do appear. You … Read More

Thyroid Disorder

Is Hormone Imbalance the Cause of Autoimmune Disease?

Hormone imbalances, thyroid problems and autoimmune diseases can be closely linked and may occur together. A common question asked by patients who visit ENT consultants about these issues is whether one of them might have caused the other.

Risk of Ear Infections

How to Protect Your Ears in the Cold Weather?

Ear protection can help to prevent problems such as ear pain and tinnitus in winter. You can also take steps to reduce the risk of ear infections so that you can enjoy a healthier winter season.

Parathyroid glands anatomy

What Do the Parathyroid Glands Do for Your Body?

You might have some idea of where your thyroid gland is and what it does, but did you know that there are four smaller glands that sit nearby? These are the parathyroid glands and they have an important role to play in your metabolism.

Different Types of Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders

What Are the Different Types of Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders?

Ear, nose and throat consultants treat a wide range of different conditions that can affect these connected parts of the body. The ENT disorders that we treat most often can be divided into five main types, although we can also help with other kinds of ear, nose and throat problems as well as other issues … Read More