The most common ENT problems

ENT problems - those that impact the ear, nose and throat - can affect anyone at any age. There are many different ways that this part of the body can be affected and some are easier to cope with than others. If you’re struggling with ENT symptoms then the first step is always going to be to identify the issue and, if necessary, to get some help with it - these are the most common ENT problems to look out for.

  • Ear infections. An ear infection is often the result of the cold and flu virus but can also result from water in the ear. It’s essential to know the difference between ear pain that is the result of an infection (which could require antibiotics) and ear pain caused by allergies. An ear infection will also make you feel irritable, could stop you from sleeping and cause a fever.
  • Vertigo. When you suffer from vertigo it feels like the room is turning or spinning. This is often caused by an inner ear problem, such as acute labyrinthitis or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.
  • Allergies. Millions of people are affected by allergies, from pollen to dust. Allergies can cause long-term problems with the ear, nose and throat and need to be dealt with by an ENT allergist. ENT problems caused by allergies often look like headaches, coughing, runny nose and sneezing.
  • Tonsillitis. If your main symptom is inflammation in the throat then tonsillitis could be to blame. It is the result of a bacterial infection and also tends to cause bad breath, a fever, a white coating on the tonsils, swollen glands and problems swallowing. Repeated tonsillitis may lead to having tonsils removed surgically.
  • Sleep apnea. This happens when only a limited amount of air can get to your lungs at night. It can stop you breathing in your sleep which is both dangerous and very debilitating as we all need sleep to recover and recharge. Other symptoms of sleep apnea include choking sounds, morning headaches, memory loss, snoring and pauses in breathing.
  • Hearing loss. Many people experience a degree of hearing loss as they get older and this can be a common ENT problem. Loud noises tend to age the ears faster. Working with an ENT specialist can give you access to tools such as hearing aids.
  • A sinus infection. This often presents as similar to the common cold but is caused by bacteria and will often require antibiotic treatment. A sinus infection usually comes with other symptoms, such as teeth pain, a headache, coughing, fever, congestion and discoloured nasal discharge.
  • Acid reflux. This occurs when stomach acid rises up into the esophagus. It can be very uncomfortable as it causes heartburn. Treatment is often simple and may involve medication and/or changes to diet.
  • Cancer. Some ENT problems may be caused by cancer, such as tumours in the ear canal, nose, larynx or pharynx. Cancers in the mouth are often associated with smoking.

These are some of the most common ear, nose and throat problems that an ENT professional can help you with. Take a look at the ear, nose and throat issues that we can help you out with.

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