Our guide to safe nose blowing

It may sound strange but very few of us actually know how to blow our noses properly. Instead, we often overdo it, causing all sorts of issues from ruptured blood vessels through to a headache or an ear infection. Given that this is the time of year when anyone who has seasonal allergies is likely to be sneezing and nose blowing on a daily basis, what is it crucial to avoid and how can you blow your nose safely?

What not to do when you’re sneezing and blowing your nose

If you’re the kind of person who just lets rip when it comes to sneezing etc then you might need a few tips to help ensure that you’re not hurting yourself in the process. This is what we recommend you avoid doing.

  • Don’t blow your nose forcefully. It might feel good to do this at the time but it can do damage, especially to your ears - the benchmark for blowing your nose too hard is making your ears pop. If that’s happening then try to bring the intensity down a bit.
  • Avoid a dramatic “ACHOO!” Why? Well because if you really go for it when you’re sneezing you could rupture a blood vessel. It can also cause issues with your ears, for example by forcing air into the middle ear and damaging it.
  • When you’re blowing into a tissue don’t squeeze. This is something that many of us do, especially if we have a particularly nasty cold and are just a bit tired of being bunged up. But if you squeeze your nose when you’re trying to blow then the air you’re blowing isn’t going to make it out of your nose and could cause sinus problems instead. So, keep the tissue close when you blow but don’t pinch your nose with it.

The safe guide to nose blowing

Once you’ve learned how to blog your nose the safe way you won’t go back, as this is a simple technique that will ensure you’re not risking damage to other parts of your body that could be sensitive right now.

  • Start by placing a finger against one nostril and applying pressure - the safest way to blow your nose is one nostril at a time.
  • Take a gentle breath in and then gently blow the side of your nose that doesn’t have your finger against it - into a tissue. Do the same again on the other side.
  • Put that tissue in the bin and then make sure you wash your hands so that you’re not passing on anything to anyone else.

This tried and tested technique is by far the safest way to blow your nose and avoid any potential issues that could result from being too forceful or gripping your nose in the wrong way. As we get into the heart of hayfever season it could make your experience a much more comfortable one if you know how to handle it when your nose really needs a blow.

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