Reasons why you might need to get a ENT Treatment?

We all have ear, nose and throat issues at times. If you occasionally get a stuffy nose or you can remember painful bouts of sinusitis then you’re no different to anyone else. However, if you’re regularly struggling with problems with this area of your body then it may be that you need a little extra help. An ENT specialist can help diagnose any problems and provide you with peace of mind about the state of your health. So, when do you need to see one?

  • You have chronic sinusitis. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses and it can be very uncomfortable and disruptive. It becomes chronic if the condition persists for more than 12 weeks and you’ve tried treatment recommended by your GP that simply hasn’t worked. Under those circumstances, ENT treatment can be a better alternative.
  • Sudden loss of hearing. For most people, hearing becomes compromised as we get older and there is usually nothing to worry about if you start to lose hearing as you age. However, if you experience a sudden loss of hearing then this is a different matter. This kind of sudden change could be related to something as simple as an ear infection or could be a sign of a more serious underlying condition that needs immediate attention. Getting ENT treatment for the problem will ensure that nothing is being missed.
  • You’re suffering from recurrent tonsillitis. Most of us associate tonsillitis with being sick as a child and rewarded with ice lollies for having your tonsils out. If you’ve still got yours and you’re regularly getting tonsillitis you could benefit from a consultation with an ENT specialist. Tonsillitis can escalate quickly so make sure you look out for signs like a high fever and difficulty swallowing or breathing.
  • Ear aches are not just a one off. Whether you’re an adult or a child an ear ache can be a really painful condition that makes it difficult to just get on with your life. Otitis Media is the most common type of ear infection and this affects the middle ear in the space just behind the eardrum. If this is something that you’re struggling with repeatedly then it might be time to see a specialist.
  • Changes to your voice. In particular, if you experience a hoarse voice for a prolonged period of time it might be useful to get an appointment with an ENT specialist. This is something that many of us will experience after being ill with another condition, such as a cold. However, if you find that you’re still hoarse six weeks after any other symptoms have cleared up then it’s a good idea to seek help. This could indicate something like cancer or lesions on the vocal cords, both of which should be given attention as soon as possible.

If you have symptoms of some of these ‘regular’ problems that just don’t seem to go away, getting ENT treatment could help you to ensure that nothing more serious needs dealing with.

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