The effects exercising has on ENT health

It’s a general theme that people who have a regular exercise routine tend to get sick less often. A well-established exercise routine will keep you healthy in many different ways, from boosting your immune system to maintaining a healthy weight and ensuring your body is fit and strong. If you’re exercising regularly then you’re going to have a much better chance of being generally healthy - and avoiding many of the problems that tend to affect the ear, nose and throat too.

Exercise strengthens your immune system

When you’re regularly exercising, you’re likely to have a better immune response i.e. your body will be more able to fight off bacterial and viral infections, including those that affect the ear, nose and throat. For example, a stronger immune system will mean you’re less likely to be susceptible to ear infections or sinusitis. Many of us spend a lot of time every day sitting down for work and if we don’t then introduce some exercise into our routine elsewhere in the day it can start to affect how our body functions.

Being active helps to lower inflammation

Inflammation is generally harmful to the body and especially so when it comes to the ear, nose and throat. It is a common symptom in many of the problems that affect this part of the body, including ear infections and swallowing disorders. If you’re being active on a regular basis then your body is likely to be much more able to cope with inflammation more effectively.

Helping to avoid excessive stress

While some level of stress can have a positive impact on the human body, sharpening responses and acting as a motivator, excessive stress never does. If we are living in a constant state of excessive stress then this can lower immune response and make us susceptible to diseases and conditions that affect the ears, nose and throat. It can also be incredibly challenging for mental health. Regular exercise has been found to be a great stress reliever and an activity that will help to keep you functioning well, physically and emotionally, as a result.

The most common conditions affecting the ears, nose, and throat

As exercise will have a generally positive impact on your entire immune system, these are some of the conditions that you can avoid or better manage with more exercise in your life: sinusitis, tinnitus, laryngitis, swimmer’s ear, sore throat, swallowing disorders, ear infection, turmours in the head and neck

Getting started with exercise

Being constantly sick, or feeling physically uncomfortable, is often a clear indicator that you’re not getting enough regular activity. If you’re unwell or overweight it’s a good idea to get input from your doctor before starting a new exercise plan. Those that work the best tend to be made up of activities that you’ll enjoy, as well as those that will build strength and stamina.

Exercising has a positive impact on your entire body, including when it comes to ENT health.

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