What to expect from your ear, nose and throat clinic?

Many people visit an ear, nose and throat clinic for a variety of different complaints. It’s here that you may find a solution to issues such as snoring that is disturbing your sleep or others’, problems with taste or smell that are stopping you from living a full life as well as hearing impairment that could be making the world sound very quiet. Ear, nose and throat specialists can help everyone, from children who are born with birth defects through to adults who are starting to experience changes in their senses and the way that they experience the world.

Your visit to an ear, nose and throat clinic

When you make an appointment to visit an ear, nose and throat (ENT) clinic you will be seen by an otolaryngologist. These are the specialists who will work to identify the source of any issues you, or your loved ones, might be having whether they relate to sleep, sinus and allergy problems, breathing, swallowing, hearing or balance. Around half of patients who enter the primary care system have a problem that falls under the ENT umbrella. Otolaryngologists are specialist medical doctors who are able to diagnose you and establish a treatment plan as well as performing sensitive operations, from removing tumours to restoring hearing.

Why might you visit an ear, nose and throat clinic?

There could be any number of reasons why an ENT visit is the right one for you – these are the areas of the body most likely to be affected by a problem an ENT doctor can solve:

  • Nose (rhinology). From allergies to sinus headaches and migraines as well as deviated septum treatment, an ENT clinic is the place to go for issues that relate to the nose.
  • Ears (otology/neurotology). Our ears have a crucial role to place in a healthy body, not just with respect to being able to hear but also when it comes to balance. From hearing loss to ringing in the ears, many ear issues can be managed via an ENT clinic.
  • Throat (laryngology). Problems with airways or sore throats as well as conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux disease can all be managed by an ENT specialist.
  • Face. This could be something like a birth defect or the side effect of another medical condition that has created change or discomfort in the face. ENT specialists can also deal with changes in facial appearance as a result of injury or trauma.
  • Head and neck. ENT doctors can help to look after this crucial part of the body where many of the most essential organs are found, from dealing with cancers to enlarged thyroid glands.

Sleep is another reason why many people make an ENT clinic appointment, from snoring issues to problems like sleep apnoea which may have a simple fix. Children who are struggling with birth defects or developmental issues that are causing problems as they grow, whether that is asthma or an infection, can also find relief here.

An ear, nose and throat clinic can help with a range of common – and not so common – problems and may be a crucial option if you or a loved one are having specific issues.

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